My material wire allows me to make vibrations, fields, or movement visible in spaces behind the material. The superficial heaviness, toughness, and limits thus disappear and an energetic reality is demonstrated by physical boundaries dissolving and pulsating

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"race", 2016, steel wire, 65 X 40 X 20 cm

“race”, 2016, steel wire, 65 X 40 X 20 cm


“Let’s get together”

Under this motto this year’s artist symposium is held in Hemsbach from Juni 23rd until July 1st. Together with Gabriele Möller-Kuhlmann and Jürgen Heinz, I am working at the entrance of the Wiesensee every day on the sculpture “Embrace”, which will later find its permanent place on a tree in the Tilsiter Strasse in Hemsbach. Interested persons are invited to experience the creative process and to get in touch with the artists.

The Finissage will take place on July 1st at 11:00 AM at the entrance to the Wiesensee.




Since 1992, Stefanie Welk has primarily been working with the materials steel and wire, which she transforms into a plastic shape by bending, knotting, and welding. From her causal study of the representation of people, she expanded her work by dealing with the interaction between humans and space. The artistic perspective considers both the social as well as the metaphorical space that is characterised by movement and dynamics as much as it is by force fields and power lines.

In Stefanie Welk’s works, metal is thus also the light and air-permeable medium for spiritual currents from which their characters are imbued and that also radiate due to the powerful design language. Due to their delicate nature, many of the sculptures also appeared as drawings in the space that describe both their own volume as well as the surrounding field connect to it.

Contemporary issues of modern society, such as networking, upheaval, and the urge to always to grow are consistently recognised across the various work groups. Since 2004, Stefanie Welk has been dedicated to the public space, from which numerous large sculptures were created in order to enter into diverse correspondence due to their surface texture and dimensionality with existing lighting conditions, day and night.


“Innovation starts as an idea, as a powerful vision. But only through its implementation does it become innovation. They must withstand the reality, materialising in it, and thus ultimately change it. External impulses form into having ideas, and my job as an artist is to bring them to the ground, to realise them. Innovative technologies are also opening ever new possibilities for me.”


“I see people as an open system, which is not clearly delineated from its surroundings, although we initially perceive it differently. The central theme of my artistic work has always been images of people, or the incarnations of humans. In the course of my creations, works have emerged that show how I try to increasingly permeate this theme. Art for me is meditation that also describes a balance between perceiving, receiving, and active forms. It is a state in which I try to pass something through me and to give this something an individual expression that touches, inspires, and fascinates me. New spaces open up in my mind that I pass on through my artistic work.”



2013 opening of the studio in Mannheim
2011 artistic exploration with the principles of permaculture for creating alternative living facilities. Several travels to Greece.
2005 “Thought-Order – Thought-Chaos”: Teaching assignment at the Junior-Akademie Adelsheim, Science Academy Baden-Württemberg
2002 „Space in the tense athmoshere of architecture, design and art“: Teaching assignment at the Akademie für Gestaltung Rhein-Neckar. During the interdisciplinary workshop with students an experimental installation was created.
2001 study of “Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness” at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, USA
1999 work as a freelance artist
1992-1999 Study of Psychology at the University of Heidelberg
1972 born in Heidelberg

Scholarships and awards

2002 1. prize in the SAP “future competition”, Ernst-Bloch-Zentrum, Ludwigshafen and SAP AG
“Paul Harris Fellow”, Rotary Club, San Francisco, USA
2001-2002 Rotary scholarship for studies in San Francisco, USA
1992 Renate-Maria-Radbruch-prize for visual arts
1991 first prize in a competition about Japan of the Baden-Württemberg ministry for culture and sports: educational trip to Japan
1989-1990 scholarship of the German Bundestag: 1 year stay in the USA
1987 medal for a poster design for the European integration, 34th European Competition

Exhibitions and projects

2016 “Transition_Red”, Outdoor sculpture, Homburg/Saar, private property
“wire 2016”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
2015 “Human – Space – Light”. Retrospective solo exhibition, Museums Burg Altena, German Wire Museum, City gallery of Altena, catalogue
“On the Web”, exhibition with Margot Witte and Katrin Mosimann, Kunstverein Barsinghausen
“Bluevolution”, Outdoor sculpture, Homburt/Saar, private property
“Steel Innovation Award 2015”, Award for Innovations in the steel industry, design and realization
2014 18th Art Innsbruck, group presentation of Suisse Arte, International Fair for Contemporary Art
Group exhibition, Kunstforum Forst
“wire 2014”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
solo exhibition at the Dreba AG, Basel/CH, curated by Petra S. Köhler, Gegenwart gallery, Karlsruhe
“Equilibrium”, Outdoor sculpture, Chemnitz/G, private property

2013 “siebenfach”. Group exhibition, Kunstverein Germersheim.
“vis-a-vis”, exhibition with Margot Witte, Paul Feederle GmbH, Karlsruhe
“networked”, solo exhibition, gallery 38, Karlsruhe
2012 22th Art Fair at the Frauenmuseum, Bonn
“Break-through”, edition for the German Society for Material Science, Frankfurt a.M.
“Steel Innovation Award 2012”, Award for Innovations in the steel industry, design and realization
“wire 2012”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
group exhibition, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Basel/CH
“Art Querfeld”, group exhibition, Basel/CH
“unfold”, exhibition with Daniela Flörsheim, Gegenwart Gallery, Karlsruhe-Durlach
“Sky Dancer“, winner design for the casa altra, art at the building competition, Düsseldorf
2010 exhibition with Gerd Marenbach, Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung, Lobbach
“Summer-Exhibition”, group exhibition, Kunstförderverein Weinheim
2009 “Art in the Box”, exhibition project, Mein Lager 24 GmbH, Mannheim
„Geometrie-Stereometrie”, exhibition project, BoConcept, Mannheim
„Luftlinien“, solo exhibition, Gegenwart Gallery, Karlsruhe-Durlach
solo exhibition, Volksbank Stuttgart, Kunsthaus Schill, Stuttgart
“Steel Innovation Award 2009”, Award for Innovations in the steel industry, design and realization
„Qua-Draht“, solo exhibition Kunstwerk Gallery, Heimbach
2008 “wire 2008”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
exhibition project, central station Karlsruhe
symposium of artists, Landesgartenschau, Bad Rappenau
exhibition project at the International Horse Race, Baden-Baden, curated by Gegenwart Gallery, Karlsruhe
„Visions“, solo exhibition and performance, cultural festival at the Frankfurter Hof, Altstadt Gallery Lehnert
2007 solo exhibition, EigenArt Gallery, Karlsruhe
exhibition project at the „International Steel Conference“, Hotel Intercontinental, Berlin
OW-Art, Trade Fair for Contemporary Art, Buchen
solo exhibition, Art at Klinikum Langensteinbach e.V. SRH- Klinikum, Langensteinbach
“Focus Art”, exhibition project, Anatomiegarten, Heidelberg
2006 „Beziehungsweisen“, group exhibition, Museum Neckargemünd
“Steel Innovation Award 2006”, Award for Innovations in the steel industry, design and realization
solo exhibition at the Center for Body, Art and Culture, Heidelberg
exhibition with Jo Claes and Alexander Stroh, Künstlerhaus Karlsruhe
2005 „Energy-Net-Work“, solo exhibition, Altstadt Gallery Lehnert, Mainz
solo exhibition, Graf Gallery, Heidelberg
“wire & soul“, performance in cooperation with the dancers and choreografs Josef Eder (München) und Christine Lindlbauer (Linz/AT) with wire costumes, Zwinger-Theater, Heidelberg
“wire 2004”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
solo exhibition, Art at Klinikum Langensteinbach e.V. SRH- Klinikum, Langensteinbach
„Peacing It Together“, project mit German, Jewish and arabic students from Israel, Heidelberg
solo exhibition, v. Fircks-Huth Gallery, Fuchstal-Leder
2003 solo exhibition, private gallery Dr. Thomas Ehrensperger, Basel/CH
solo exhibition, gallery at the Hotel Schwanen, Rapperswil/CH
exhibition with Demir Demiroski, Blavius Gallery, Versmold
2002 solo exhibition, Wohnraum D4, Baar/CH
solo exhibition, Ernst-Bloch-Zentrum, Ludwigshafen
“Fall exhibition”, group exhibition, castle Schwetzingen, Art Agency Schröck-Schmidt
„Multiple“, group exhibition, Art Box Gallery, Frankfurt/Main
2001 group exhibition, Ebert Gallery, San Francisco/USA
2000 group exhibition, Top Air Gallery, airport Stuttgart
solo exhibition and performance at the Power Station Elsenztal
„wire 2000“, contract work at the Wire Trade Show for Lamitref/Lamifil, Düsseldorf
“wire 2000”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
1999 solo exhibition, Deutsche Telekom AG, Mannheim
“wire 1998”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
group exhibition, Lafayette Gallery, Chicago/USA
1997 “Interwire”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Atlanta/USA
group exhibition, Rundbau Gallery, Neckarwestheim
„Doppel-Ich“, exhibition with Alvaro Garcia Ordonez, Graf Gallery, Heidelberg
1996 “wire 1996”, solo exhibition at the International Trade Fair for industrial wire, Düsseldorf
“The dream of flying”, exhibition with Alvaro Garcia Ordonez, Graf Gallery, Heidelberg
„Minotauros“, group exhibition, Kunstförderverein Weinheim e.V.
1995 group exhibition, interactive forum for the arts, Mannheim castle
1994 contract work for the Fair Hannover, ABB Isodraht GmbH
1993 group exhibition “Wesens Art”, Stadthalle Heidelberg
1992 group exhibition, Heidelberg Arts Festival, castle Heidelberg
1992 „Jugend gestaltet“, group exhibition, art association, Rhein-Neckar, Mannheim


Art in public space / Acquisitions

2016 “Transformer”, Städtisches Museum Iserlohn, acquisition
2015 “Departure“, Museen Märkischer Kreis, acquisition
„Transparency“, design, realization and installation of the steel sculpture at the building of  COWA GmbH, Gottmadingen
2013 „Capricorn“, Design and realization of the sculpture for the Aschera-Park, Schiers/CH, acquisition
2012 „Sprinter“, Städtisches Museum Iserlohn, acquisition
2011 „Out of Steel“, Design and realization of the sculpture at the outdoor area of AOK-Systems, Bonn, acquisition
„Pol-Springer“, sculpture for the entrance area of Bruker Bio-Spin, Ettlingen, acquisition
2010 „Time Runner“, sculpture for the 950-year city anniversary of Roth, donated by Leonische Drahtwerke, Weissenburg
„Home Run“, design and realization of a wire sculpture for TriStar, USA, acquisition
„Cycles of Life“, realized winner-design for the 20-year anniversary of „Der Grüne Punkt“, Duales System Deutschland, acquisition

2009 Group of sculptures “Lightdancers” for the Internationale Dental-Schau, Köln. Afterwards, installation at the outdoor area of the company building in Ispringen, acquisition
2008 „Room for Reflections“, Design of a room at the Arte Hotel Luise, Berlin
„Äolus“, presentation of the sculpture at the Landesgartenschau, Bad Rappenau
2007 „Sprinter“, edition of wire sculptures for BW-Bank, Stuttgart, acquisition
2006 four sculptures for the SRH-hospitals, presentation at the Hauptstadtkongress, ICC, Berlin, acquisition
„Plexter“, stainless steel sculpture for the “Kunstweg” in Abtsteinach, Odenwald, sponsored by  Sparkassenstiftung Starkenburg
2005 „Free Fall“, wire sculpture for the “Kunstweg”, Tromm, Odenwald, sponsored by Sparkassenstiftung Starkenburg
“Space Dance”, wire sculpture for the „Garden of Science“ at the Weizman Institut, Rehovot, Israel, acquisition
„Luna_Plexus“, outdoor installation for the „Nacht der Sinne“, Mainz
2004 „Walking Upright“, SRH-Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach, acquisition


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